Sustainable innovation for growth and development

As one of the global leaders in consumer insights in our field we can lead a sustainable product development.


We are constantly looking for new ways to provide a more consumer-centred and sustainable offering, focusing on smoke-free products with balanced nicotine content. With our aim of converting smokers to harm-reduced nicotine products, we are convinced that our growth in the global market will go hand in hand with healthier nicotine consumption.

Another Snus Factory

Mette Krabbe, Marketing Director, Another Snus Factory

Sustainable innovation

Our entire product range should maintain a high sustainability standard. The products and services we offer to the market shall meet or exceed our high standards for quality and sustainability. And in some cases, we set a new higher standard for the industry. We believe that we as one of the global leaders in consumer insights in our field, can lead product development from a customer and market perspective.

Key figures

No. of suppliers screened ensuring a sustainable value chain

Haypp Group 2022

Share of nicotine pouches in portfolio tested and accredited to standard

Haypp Group 2022


A more sustainable supply chain

As new suppliers enter the market and engage with Haypp Group, they are screened based on the Supplier Code of Conduct. All the suppliers listed in 2022 did pass the initial screening and signed the Supplier Code. Based on this, the intention is to deepen the evaluation and raise the bar. The carriers and last-mile transporters are requested to share their data on the deliveries they do for Haypp Groups’ customers in terms of distance and energy sources. This data has shown to be somewhat hard to obtain from carriers and only gives a fragmented picture due to partial data. Hence results are estimations based on currently available data.


Products following standard

The oral nicotine category has grown rapidly. Regulations are beginning to come into place, however, there is still a lack of guidelines and procedures, including product content and ingredients. For consumers, as well as authorities, to have something reliable to base their knowledge of products on, other than the manufacturer itself, standards and testing of products have an important role. The information asymmetry for consumers is reduced with standards in place against which products can be measured. Of Haypp Groups’ active nicotine pouch portfolio, 85% of the products had been tested and were according to applied product standards. Products launched at the end of the year may not yet receive their results.


Carrier respective consumer footprint sustainability

Measuring of carbon monoxide equivalents in the value chain is desirable. Currently we have a fragmented picture due to partial data. For a clearer picture, data is planned to be compiled in 2023.


Use of product packaging

In Haypp Group’s operation, cardboard is a common material used as the outer packaging for the goods consumer orders. The amount of used material increases as more customers place orders, while an focus on efficiency hopefully decreases the amount of material used per order. The material used by manufacturers as primary packaging has historically in large been based on plastics. There is a shift beginning to be seen as other materials and especially bioplastics and recycled plastics, as well as different paper-based alternatives. In 2023 an focus on taking the dialogue further with suppliers on primary packaging will take place.


As one of the global leaders in consumer insights within our field, we can take part in leading the development of sustainable products and services.


Sustaianble Value Chain Suppliers screened 100% 100%
Carriers carbon footprint n/a n/a
Quality assurance & Product development Relevant portfolio tested & according to standard 87% 85%
Primary packaging: Cans Products in sustainable alternatives (recyclable, bio-plastic, paper, etc.) n/a n/a
Secondary packaging: Cardboard Carboard used in orders 73.6 gram/order 70.1 gram/order