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Environmental topics


Haypp Group encourages both its partners and employees to reduce the use of non-renewable material, as well as whenever possible choose renewable material in operation. 

The main material which Haypp Group purchase and handles are packaging material for order sent out from our warehouse. For the main warehouse, located in Sweden, it was purchased e-commerce bags out of recycled plastic (371 kg). It was also purchased renewable paper bags (3 105kg) which is meant to in large replace the previously used e-commerce bags. The main material used in operations is the corrugated cardboard (154 126 kg) whereof 82 per cent is shipped to customers and the remaining volume (28 451 kg) is cardboard used in the logistics and supply-chain with transporters. Comparison with previous year is unfortunately not possible due to distorted data from 2020.

The labeling used for orders have been changed for fully recycled FSC certified paper, which is in place as of 2022, and consisted of 9 570 kg for operations in Sweden.

The waste collection of mainly paper, wood and plastics from the Sweden warehouse has had an emission saving of 42 600 kg CO2.



Haypp Group’s electricity consumption in Sweden was approximately 133 822 kWh from its warehouse operation, while the head office consumed 8 500 kWh, in 2021. For the warehouses outside of Sweden the data has not been available. 60 per cent of the electricity consumption for the warehouse is sourced from solar panels and the rest is purchased, while the head office uses 100% renewable electricity.

In addition to above, the energy consumption pertained to ventilation and heating was approximately 72 000 kWh for the warehouse and 23 000 kWh for the head office, while the cooling amounted to 14 500 kWh.


A dialogue was initiated during 2021 with Haypp Group’s business partners in relation to calculations of direct and indirect emissions to be able to accurately report such data in the future. Not all suppliers have been able to credibly quantify and assumptions for compilation differs, therefore we are not able to report in emissions through supply-chain accordingly for 2021. The dialogue has however already resulted in business decision in line with lowering emissions.


Effluents and waste

Waste is generated both upstream and downstream in the value chain in which Haypp Group is active. Upstream is pertains to waste generated in the manufacturing process and transport of the goods to Haypp Group’s warehouses. Downstream, waste is generated from the packaging used in shipment of customers’ orders. Haypp Group is actively working with its business partners to reduce waste in the value chain and use recycled and biodegradable packaging.

In early 2021 the new suppliers for waste collection from the head office in Stockholm took started. The collection includes separation at source of different types of paper and packaging, plastic, glass, combustible waste, and other forms of waste. The waste collection resulted in an emission saving of 4 832 kg CO2. Aluminum capsules used in the office are collected by and recycled through our supplier.


Supplier environmental assessment

All suppliers must fulfil the environmental aspects of the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Social topics


(Number in parentheses is the previous year)

We welcomed 47 (53) new employees in 2021 and had an employee turnover of 28 (8) people. In this are full-time contracted consultants included. The new employees are divided into the following age groups: (i) 20 (28) people under 30 years old, (ii) 25 (23) people between 30 and 50 years old and (iii) 2 (2) people over 50 years old. Divided by gender, 17 (24) are female and 30 (29) are male. Of the 28 (8) people that left Haypp Group, 19 (5) were male and 9 (3) were female, of which 9 (2) were under 30 years old and 18 (6) people in between 30 and 50 years old, one (0) person was over 50 years of age. Haypp Group does not apply any collective bargaining agreements.

We provide benefits such as insurance coverage for health care, disability and invalidity coverage and offers benefits as retirement provision and stock ownership. Benefits for part-time employees are provided in correspondence to the percentage of work they performed, e.g. employment equal to 25 per cent of a full-time employment receives 25 per cent of the benefit values, however health insurance coverage is full. All Swedish citizens are entitled to parental leave. 15 (12) employees took parental leave, of which 10 (11) were men and 5 (1) women, during 2021.


Occupational health and safety

Haypp Group did not have a reporting system for occupational health and safety management but all employees are covered by such a system. There are more safety routines and procedures for warehouse staff than for staff working from the head office.

Training is provided to all employees on occupational health and safety routines, particular training applies for warehouse staff.


Training and education

Haypp Group does not document the average hours of training per employee nor programs to upgrade employee skills and transition assistance programs. Haypp Group encourages all employees to partake in training in relation to upgrade employee skills which is made in dialogue with respective manager. All employees have annual mid-year and end-of -year reviews relating to performance and career development. Managers are encouraged to focus on coaching respective team members.


Diversity and equal opportunity

Of the persons making up our Board of Directors, 33 per cent are female (14) and 67 per cent are male (86). 50 per cent are between 30 and 50 years old (71) and 50 per cent are above 50 years old (29). 

Considering all employees, 35 per cent are female (40), and 65 per cent are male (60). 29 per cent of all employees are under 30 years old (37), 66 per cent are between 30 and 50 years old (58)and almost 5 per cent are over 50 years old (5).

Haypp Group do salary comparison between roles for its Swedish employees. Roles are divided into eight categories to be evaluated with comparable positions and responsibilities. In the first two categories, as well as the two highest, the differences are none or slim. If anything, the salary would be slightly higher for female than male employees. However, the four categories in the middle, where the greater part of all employees are included, there is a male favour of between 10-19 per cent between in terms of salary. Haypp Group take this matter very serious. In terms of other renumeration there are no significant differences recorded between similar role and responsibility.



No incidents of discrimination have been reported.

Human rights assessment

All operations have been subject to human rights reviews as a part of the work to develop the Code of Conduct. The employees have through 2021 been given training in the form of e-learning on the Code of Conduct as well as being part of each managers responsibility to cover. All new employees are set to have training on human rights as a part of the training of the Code of Conduct as they join, including full-time consultant. All essential business partners must adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct which, inter alia, specifies that human rights must be respected.


Social supplier assessment

All suppliers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct which, inter alia, states that human rights and the ILO conventions must be respected. Haypp Group has not identified any negative social impacts among its suppliers in 2021.


Customer health and safety

Customer health and safety is at the core of Haypp Group. Providing our customers with healthier product alternatives is our core business. All our oral tobacco products must fulfill the legal requirements and in the absence of regulation on oral nicotine products Haypp Group initiated the testing of all oral nicotine products setting an industry standard to ensure that the products sold on the platforms are safe. If the products are not safe, Haypp Group will not sell it.


Marketing and labeling

There are strict laws and regulations relating to the marketing and labeling of tobacco products. In relation to oral nicotine products, there are no laws and regulations why the industry has decided to still follow the strict requirements relating to content, safe use and how the product’s packaging shall be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Haypp Group has not had any incidents of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes relating to information and labeling.

In 2020, the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman initiated court proceedings against one of Haypp Group’s subsidiaries, Snusbolaget Norden AB, claiming that Snusbolaget Norden AB had used market communication that were not compliant with Swedish marketing rules for tobacco products. The Patent and Market Court made its ruling in 2021 which gave both the Swedish Consumer Ombudsman and Snusbolaget Norden AB right on different topics. As a result Haypp Group have made adjustments and market practices is somewhat clearer.


Customer privacy

Haypp Group has not received any complaints relating to breaches of customer privacy, nor identified any leaks. There has been one case, which Haypp Group reported to authorities, where a computer and an iPad was reported as lost or potentially a theft, which could have resulted in loss of costumer data.



A vital part of the Code of Conduct is the opposition towards any for of bribery or corruption. Employees are urged to report any suspicions of incidents related to corruption. During 2021 no such incidents have been reported.