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Haypp Group Brand Guidelines

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Gavin O’Dowd, CEO, Chief  Executive Officer

Svante Andersson, COO, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO

Peter Deli, CFO, Chief Financial Officer

Janne Kalian, COO, Chief Operations Officer

Gabriel De Prado, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Markus Lindblad, Head of Legal & External Affairs

Johan Hansson, CPO, Chief Partnerships Officer

Hans Strömblad van Eijk, CMO, Chief Marketing Officer

Linus Liljegren, Founder

Henrik Nordström, Founder



Haypp Group Team

Haypp Group at Times Square, New York, October 2021

Customer 1

Customer 2

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2

Haypp Group Can 1

Haypp Group Can 2

Haypp Group Vape 1

Haypp Group Vape 2