Salaries and other remuneration to Haypp Group’s board, CEO and Group Management.

Board of directors

Fees and other remuneration to the members of the board of directors, including the chairman, are resolved by the shareholders’ meeting. At the [annual] shareholders’ meeting held on [30 June] 2021 it was resolved that remuneration for the board of directors, for the time until the end of the next annual shareholders’ meeting, shall be paid in a total amount of SEK [1,750,000]], whereof the chairman of the board shall receive SEK 500,000 and the other board members that are not employed by the Company shall receive SEK 250,000 each.The members of the board of directors are not entitled to any benefits following termination of their assignments as directors of the board.

No remuneration was paid to the board of directors elected by the shareholders’ meeting for the 2020 financial year.

CEO and Group management

The table below presents an overview of remuneration to the CEO and other members of executive management for the 2020 financial year.

Name Basic salary/ board fee Variable remuneration Other benefits Social costs (excluding pension costs) Pension costs Total
Gavin O’Dowd, CEO 1,335 3 419 294 2,051
Other members of theexecutive management (5) 3,797 11 1,193 603 5,604
Total 5,132 14 1,612 897 7,655

Current employment agreements for the CEO and other executive management

Decisions as to the current remuneration levels and other conditions for employment for the CEO and the other members of the executive management have been resolved by the board of directors.The employment agreements with the CEO and the members of the executive management contain a mutual notice period of six months. Neither the CEO nor any member of the executive management is entitled to any severance pay on top of the salary during the notice period.

All members of the executive management are entitled to occupational pension based on a pension insurance. The CEO’s employment agreement includes a non-compete undertaking, restricting the CEO from competing with the Group for a period of nine months after the employment has ended.