The best place to work

We give our employees the right conditions to reach the next level.


We know that Haypp Group improves when our employees reach new levels in their own development. By promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, the people involved in Haypp Group’s operations and development can move mountains.

Best place to work

Knowing and embracing the long-term ambitions of the group, saving lives with our company initiatives and values, is key.  In the same way, it should be clear that there are limitless opportunities for everyone. There are opportunities for employees to improve themselves in leadership, sustainability, and innovation. This creates value for employees, customers, the company, as well as society at large.

Following employee satisfaction

We make a constant effort to listen to all of our employees’ opinions and voices.  We take into consideration how it is to be employed by Haypp Group and we regularly perform employee opinion surveys (EOS). From these surveys, we learn what we need to work on as an employer,  how to keep employee satisfaction high, and also, concerns that may need addressing or questions that might arise.

Implementing learning platforms

To spread knowledge and support employees in their work , and how this relates to our higher purpose and business ethics, we utilise e-learnings. This includes our Code of Conduct, technical systems and product specifics to our working environment and privacy.