The best place to work

We give our employees the right conditions to reach the next level.


We know that Haypp Group improves when our employees reach new levels in their own development. By promoting equality and diversity, together with inclusive leadership, we build engagement among our colleagues. By doing this, we will move forward and be able to move mountains.


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Haypp Group 2023

employee satisfaction

Haypp Group 2023

Best place to work

Knowing and embracing the long-term ambitions of Haypp Group, saving lives with our company initiatives and values, is key. This creates value for employees, customers, the company, as well as society at large.

Engagement among and between colleagues is fundamental to building a strong culture so we can meet the targets we have set out to achieve. Research shows that certain factors directly contribute to the level of engagement, such as leadership, meaningfulness, personal development, and team spirit, to mention a few. Since 2022 we continuously measure how these factors are developing throughout the different functions and the whole company to be able to follow the temperature of the employees.

Being a great employee – following employee satisfaction

We make a constant effort to listen to all our employees’ opinions and voices. We try to take into consideration what it is like to be employed by Haypp Group. With our temperature measuring, we get an overall value which is possible to benchmark with others organisations. 


Employee development by coaching and leadership

Throughout the year, we have consistently invested in our culture to promote collaboration, innovation, inclusivity, and execution. The model we have established is a winning concept for creating high levels of both well-being and ensuring a high degree of accountability among our employees. It is the delicate balance between the two that needs to be achieved to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and learn new things.

We always encourage our employees to seek new knowledge and ways to enhance their skills. This way, we can ensure that individuals have a good opportunity for meaningful and long-term development at Haypp Group.

Joiners and leavers

In 2023, we have continued to maintain a high pace of hiring competence to strengthen our business. We have a history of rapid growth, and now the focus is on consolidating existing resources by boosting efficiency. We are building a stable infrastructure as a foundation and refining our perfect ways of working while promoting high performance.


Implementing learning platforms

Throughout Haypp Groups’ history, the company has grown and expanded rapidly. At our current stage, the focus is to sustain a positive trend while settling on a good level. The attention has therefore been shifted towards monitoring the turnover, as well as retaining the most valuable employees.


We give our employees the right conditions to reach the next level.


GOALS METRICS 2021 2022 2023
Great employer Employee satisfaction 87% 81% 80%
Ranking against benchmark 76% 76%
Employee development Coaching culture 73% 81% 81%
Leadership index 84% 84%
Employee retention Regrettable losses 5 3 9
Staff turnover – joiners & leavers 35,9% joining 21,4% leaving 33,7% joining 26,8% leaving 12.96%

*For 2022, employee satisfaction has been measured continuously and methodically compared to previously with a onetime employee survey.