A catalyst for change in the nicotine industry.


According to the World Health Organisation, around 8 million people die every year from smoking-related diseases. We contribute to society by inspiring people to choose healthier enjoyment. We believe that knowledgeable and enlightened people will always choose safe nicotine.

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Our higher purpose

Haypp Group’s business concept addresses one of the world’s biggest problems – how to end smoking. Our goal is to significantly reduce death rates and save lives.

Our promise

Our model

Haypp Group has a sustainable business model. Where other companies talk about their sustainability strategy,  we prefer to focus on our sustainable business model.

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Our top KPIs

global deaths by smoking yearly

WHO 2020

active Haypp customers

Full Year 2021

lives saved by using healthier alternatives

Full Year 2021

Our actions

To be able to reach our goals, and measured indicator within our work, several initiatives are put in place – as well as actions that are implemented continuously. These actions are concrete and strive towards the overall objective and higher purpose of Haypp Group.

Our selected goals

The global goals for sustainable development were presented in 2015, and are a follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals – which remained in place until 2015, then changed. The goals were a combination of the world’s joint effort to achieve sustainable development. An initiatve for economic growth and social development that can take place in a controlled way – without risking the climate and the planet’s sensitive ecosystems, which are crucial for human’s long-term survival. The 17 overall goals include 169 sub-goals, with associated indicators, to measure the effects and progress in the world’s most important issues. Haypp follows the development of a number of these goals and aims to contribute to them in a concrete way.

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