Business model

Driving the change in the nicotine industry. We know e-commerce.

The consumer is always the focus of our business. Our model starts with managing the consumer experience. We reach out to a broad consumer base, effectively advocating the healthier non- smoking alternatives and assisting them to find the most appropriate solution.

Our model enables us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the consumer in a revolutionary new way. We utilise this knowledge to constantly evolve and improve our customer’s journey. Our insights are the driving force for the whole industry to create great quality products; provide superb product offers and produce in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our business model is solid and scalable. It is a model with proven success, that has resulted in increased consumption across a broader range of consumer profiles. It has also resulted in increased sales of premium products and tobacco-free nicotine pouches, in comparison to the rest of the industry.

We are driving the change.

We take an an active role in driving the change agenda in the market and the industry. We help direct not only consumer choices (i.e which products, to whom, in what way) but also industry behavior and conduct in emerging markets.

We provide aggregated and specific data analysis of consumers, category and market behaviour to assist manufacturers to more efficiently drive sales and more importantly to secure relevance and act responsibly in existing and emerging markets.

We track existing and potential consumer behaviours, needs, desires and ambitions and correlate these with our product lines to promote healthy choices all delivered in a convenient way. 

We simplify and manage consumer needs and desires in an online context for payment, distribution, service and added values.

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