Business model

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Business Model

Haypp Group’s business model includes a focus on our strategic areas of sustainability. The model covers ESG aspects, commercialisation as well as the process and structure we follow on a corporate and operational level. The fundament of the business model rests on five strategic areas for sustainability that align with our vision and higher purpose and help us drive the business on both an operational and more strategic level.

Company process

All starts with Haypp Group’s commitment to the higher purpose of “inspiring healthier enjoyment for millions”, and the company process gives a stable framework to develop strategically and operationally.

The Haypp Group is strongly committed to offering people a safer form of nicotine worldwide and fulfilling our vision of “inspiring healthier enjoyment for millions”. It is the vision and higher purpose which guides the company’s leadership to take decisions on strategies for the future. Based on these decisions and available research, corporate and operational plans are made with concrete actions for the different teams in the organisation to implement and manage.

We operate within two evolving industries at the same time, the transformation of the nicotine industry and the advancing e-commerce sector. Therefore, continuous evaluations need to be done to see what should be re-evaluated and adjusted.

Business concept

The inner circle of the sustainable business model illustrates the consumer-oriented aspects of our business process. It deals with how consumers are attracted today as well as how we can improve processes, services, and products to meet consumer needs better and drive commercial excellence.

Our model starts with managing the consumer experience, reaching out to a broad consumer base and then advocating for healthier non-smoking alternatives. We then assist in finding our consumers the most appropriate solution.

Our concept enables us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the consumer innovatively. We utilise this knowledge to evolve and improve our customer’s journey constantly. Our insights drive the whole industry to create great quality products, provide superb product offers, and produce responsibly and sustainably.

The business concept is solid and scalable. It is a proven success that has resulted in increased customer growth across a broader range of consumer profiles. Compared to the rest of the industry, it has also increased sales of premium products and tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

A way to describe how we make the change from a consumer-centric perspective is according to the four operational steps below:


We track existing and potential consumer behaviours, needs, desires and ambitions. We then correlate these with our product lines to promote healthy choices, all delivered conveniently.



We simplify and manage consumer needs and desires in an online context – for payment, distribution, service and added value.


We take an active role in driving change in the market and the industry. We help direct not only consumer choices (i.e. which products, to whom, in what way) but also industry behaviour and conduct in emerging markets.



We provide aggregated and specific data analysis of consumers, categories and market behaviour. This is done to assist manufacturers in driving sales more efficiently, but more importantly, to secure relevance and act responsibly in existing and emerging markets.

Strategic areas

At the core of the business model, we have the areas organising our sustainability efforts and ESG initiatives. These areas have been chosen carefully based on the materiality analysis, dialogues with our stakeholders, and a way to organise our work. The five areas are also the base for our scorecard, a tool to drive change throughout the different departments, functions and the organisation as a whole.

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