Our policies

Haypp Group reaches millions of people around the globe every month.


Haypp Group is the global market leader for nicotine pouches, and online market leader in Europe for the traditional oral nicotine market. Because of this, we have a responsibility, to always act in harmony with society’s expectations, as well as being the driving force behind the transformation of online commerce in the industry. Haypp Group complies with laws, regulations and standard industry practice in each market. We call this the external framework.

In addition to the external framework, Haypp Group also follows the internal structure. This  includes, amongst other things, the articles of association adopted by the AGM. These policies and instructions clarify the divisions of responsibilities within the Group. These are essential tools for the Board and the CEO in their governing and controlling roles. Particularly noteworthy are the rules of procedure for the Board of Directors, and the instructions for the CEO. The policy for dealing with issues of conflicts of interest and the Code of Conduct are also of major importance.