Sustainability ambition

Haypp Group leadership on the world’s most important topic.


As an industry leader, we recognise that we can contribute to a better and more sustainable world. Here, we go into our ambition, commitment, and approach to sustainability. It is our statement for how to optimise our contribution to sustainable development.

Our long-term goal is that we through our sustainability efforts are seen as a frontrunner in sustainable e-commerce, as well as spearheading the global transformation from smoking to healthier product alternatives. The ambition is essential for our core operation and our entire business concept.

Haypp Group on Sustainability

Systematic approach

To optimise our contribution to sustainable development and the Global Sustainable Development Goals, we are tackling sustainability in a systematic way. Haypp Group follows the best practices and EU recommended international guidelines. We’re guided by the globally accepted standard for sustainable business ISO 26000.


Stakeholder dialogue

To achieve our sustainability goals, we need to work together with clients, partners and suppliers. That is why Haypp Group has an active dialogue with our most important stakeholders and stakeholder groups – starting with employees and customers around the world. This is done to calibrate our sustainable efforts so everyone gets as much support and autonomy as possible.


Materiality analysis

To fully understand what Haypp Group can and should do – we engage in a win-win analysis. We want to make sure that we do what maximises value creation for most stakeholders – clients, employees, partners, suppliers, society at large, as well as for our  shareholders/owners. We do this according to our unique terms and conditions, and use the UN Sustainable Goals: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, 16 and 17 to guide us. This allows us to contribute, without compromise, to the global communities’ achievements. 

Business integrated sustainability strategy

Our analysis points Haypp Group in a clear direction. A direction where we can maximise our contribution to sustainable development in a way that contributes to the company’s overall long term performance. We see sustainbability as a natural part of our daily business, and manage it in the same way we manage any other strategic issue. Every idea we nurse produces short term value or has the potential to create long term value for shareholders.


Practical responsibility

Action speaks louder than words. We know that whatever we do for a sustainable world is far more important than what we say. That’s why we will always prioritise practical action, before communicating or reporting – though we of course, recognise the need  to spread best practices and dialogues. 


Reporting as a living entity

Our business review embraces all strategic activities. Sustainability is one of them. We choose to present our case in a practical way with a forward-looking and practical approach. All our sustainability reporting work will be compliant with law, using the best available and most cost-efficient methods that create value for the user – whoever they may be.


As an industry leader we can contribute to change

The world needs sustainable development – where economic, environmental and social aspects are all in balance. Through the UN Global Goals for Sustainable development – Agenda 2020 – the  global community has set the standard for how this balance can be reached. It takes the effort of nations, civil society, individuals, and corporations, to make it happen. Haypp Group recognises that we can contribute  – and wants to be held accountable for it.