Health contribution

The health contribution of our business gives individuals a better quality of life and significantly improves public health.


Consumer health is a matter of concern for everyone in the industry. To us, everything we do is focused on better consumer health, saving lives, and reducing the use of tobacco and the harmful effects of smoking.


David Eberhard, Psychiatrist and Head of staff at PRIMA Maria.

Health Contribution

Manufacturing or supplying products for daily commodity trading, especially products containing chemicals and additives, is heavily regulated. And we’re at the forefront of developing new industry standards. For Haypp, working with consumer health means respecting and enforcing age restrictions, being transparent with product information, and labeling products so that consumers can make informed choices. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. In addition, we offer nicotine-free alternatives for customers that wish to reduce their nicotine consumption or would like to quit altogether.


Health contribution indicators we track are:

Customer base and growth

Users of oral nicotine have made the active decision to use significantly less harmful nicotine products. A sizeable proportion of these users previously would use nicotine alternatives resulting in several health-related issued or even death. Within oral nicotine users there is a certain focus on the amount of purchasing customers of nicotine pouches.


Global tobacco deaths decrease

Decreasing the number of deaths due to tobacco is fully in line with the purpose of Haypp Group. Estimating the number of lives Haypp Group helps save by offering risk-reduced oral nicotine products to adult consumer who would otherwise use harmful tobacco products.


The health contribution of our business gives individuals a better quality of life and significantly improves public health.

Prolonged life expectancy

An individual which makes the conscious decision to either stop using tobacco and nicotine altogether, or secondarily choose a safer alternative will have a prolonged life expectancy. Those individuals who purchase from Haypp Group will have a quantifiably prolonged life expectancy which is longer the earlier in life they decide to convert.


Number of quitters

Sharing information based on data and insights of how many and which of our customers have prevailed in the battle against smoking and harmful tobacco-use.



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