Health contribution

The health contribution of our business gives individuals a better quality of life and significantly improves public health.


Consumer health is a matter of concern for everyone in the industry. To us, everything we do focuses on better consumer health, saving lives, and reducing the use of tobacco and the harmful effects of smoking.


David Eberhard, Psychiatrist and Head of staff at PRIMA Maria.

Health Contribution

Manufacturing or supplying products for daily commodity trading, especially products containing chemicals and additives, is heavily regulated. And we’re at the forefront of developing new industry standards. For Haypp, working with consumer health means respecting and enforcing age restrictions, being transparent with product information, and labeling products so that consumers can make informed choices. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. In addition, we offer nicotine-free alternatives for customers that wish to reduce their nicotine consumption, or would like to quit altogether.

We support and encourage initiatives that promote healthy user habits including sports and other activities that add to a well- balanced life. This is in line with our own values and the expectations from our stakeholders.


Some of the health contribution indicators we track are:

Our constant growth of active customers

If you’re an active oral nicotine user, it means you’ve made the decision to use significantly less harmful nicotine products. An active customer is an oral nicotine user who has made purchases in the markets we’ve been active in within the last 60 days.


Decreasing global tobacco deaths and saving lives

An estimate of the amount of lives we’ve been able to save – by offering risk-reduced oral nicotine products to adult consumers who otherwise would be using harmful tobacco products.



Net health contribution

Lives have been saved by simply converting from smoking and tobacco-use to safer oral nicotine products. The damages caused by smoking are great in terms of public health, as well as individuals’ possibility to fully engage and be part of life. These damages can be estimated and quantified, so that we’re able to offer safer alternatives like those that oral nicotine brings.


Number of quitters

The number of former smokers who have now switched to oral nicotine products is constantly growing. Through data and insights we can share who, and how many, of our customers have won the battle against smoking and harmful tobacco-use.