Health contribution

The health contribution of our business gives individuals a better quality of life and significantly improves public health.


Consumer health is a matter of concern for everyone in the industry. To us, everything we do focuses on better consumer health, saving lives, more years to be lived, and reducing the use of tobacco and the harmful effects of smoking.


David Eberhard, Psychiatrist and Head of staff at PRIMA Maria.


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Health Contribution

For Haypp, working with consumer health means respecting and enforcing age restrictions, being transparent with product information, and labelling products so that consumers can make informed choices. We attract adult consumers seeking an alternative to extremely damaging consumption and offer a range of nicotine products. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense. In addition, we offer nicotine-free alternatives for customers that wish to reduce their nicotine consumption or would like to quit altogether.


Health contribution indicators we track are:

Grow customers of harm-reduced products

Users of alternative nicotine have decided to use significantly less harmful nicotine than traditional tobacco products. A sizeable proportion of these users previously would use products resulting in severe health-related issues or even death. An additional share of consumers would statistically enter a lifelong harmful habit of smoking, but now instead can be considered inoculated. The recruitment of new smokers is thereby hindered.

Decrease tobacco deaths

Decreasing the number of deaths due to tobacco is entirely in line with our higher purpose. The number of lives saved by offering risk-reduced nicotine products to our customers who would otherwise use more harmful products. The hidden statistics do not include all those who have quitted nicotine completely.


The health contribution of our business gives individuals a better quality of life and significantly improves public health.

Increased life expectancy

Individuals who convert to safer nicotine alternatives will prolong their life expectancy. Our customers will have a quantifiably longer life the earlier they decide to convert. Meaning the health benefit is higher – more years – the younger you are when quitting.


More quitters

The number of customers who have quitters by switching to products we provide them with. They have prevailed in the battle against smoking and harmful tobacco use.



GOALS METRICS 2021 2022 2023
Grow customers of harm-reduced products # of purchasing customers of harm-reduced products 682 000 792 000 953000
# of Market 7 8 7
Decrease global tobacco deaths # of actively impacted lives 113 303 132 241 150 156
Increased life expectancy # of years saved by switching 2 382 812 3 200 000 5 490 887
More quitters # of quitters of smoking tobacco 273 108 319 440 363 857