Code of conduct

Our way of being accountable to the market, customers and the global community.


A vital part of our responsibility is being accountable to the market, our customers and the global community. Together with our partners and suppliers, we keep the promises made by Haypp Group. To support this important endeavor, we lean on two important documents our Codes of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct.

About the code of conduct

Code of Conduct sections

The Code of Conduct is divided into the following sections:



The Code of Conduct has through 2021 been implemented with training and signing of the code by employees. All new employees receives information of and discuss the Code of Conduct as part of the onboarding process as well as the mandatory training managed as an e-learning. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct was updated in 2023 to its current level of commitment and implemented fully in 2021 for essential suppliers. All of Haypp Group’s product suppliers must fulfil the Supplier Code of Conduct. All of Haypp Group’s suppliers of harm-reduced nicotine products have either signed the Supplier Code of Conduct or have their own internal Code of Conducts setting out the same standards.

The Supplier Code of Conduct focuses on (i) safe products, (ii) taxes and other fees, (iii) working environment and human rights, (iv) anti-bribery and corruption and (v) environmental and climate innovation. 


All suppliers must guarantee that the harm-reduced nicotine products provided to Haypp Group comply with statutory requirements and industry regulations relating to production, content, packaging, labelling, warning texts and marketing. 


All suppliers must comply with all tax and fee obligations from national legislation.


All suppliers must guarantee that they do not violate, or contribute to the violation of human rights or labour rights. Product production must be comply with the ILO’s eight fundamental conventions on human rights in working life. 


Haypp Group has zero tolerance against bribery and corruption. All suppliers must comply with relevant laws and regulation applicable in markets in which the business is conducted, e.g. anti-bribery legislation in Sweden, the UK and the United States. 


Haypp Group is actively trying to contribute to the global environment in a positive way. Haypp Group brings consumer and market insights to the table when engaging in product development with partners and encourage all sustainable and climate innovative initiatives from partners. Such initiatives can create a more sustainable range of products and services.


Haypp Group has assessed all its operations for risks related to corruption and did not identify any significant risks related to corruption. The anti-corruption policies and procedures have been communicated to the members of the board of directors, the management team and to all employees as well as suppliers of Haypp Group. The policies and procedures on anti-corruption is also communicated to authorities, municipalities, the relevant ministry as well as the Parliament committees on Civil Affairs and Industry and Trade.

Information on the anti-corruption procedures has been initiated as part of the onboarding information in 2021. Individuals which would have a higher risk of being exposed to situation where corruption could be present have also received training directly. The intention is to also initiate training on the topic of anti-corruption during 2022. Haypp Group has not had any incidents of bribery or corruption in 2021.

Service provider Code of Conduct

In parallel to the Supplier Code of Conduct, which covers the essential suppliers of oral nicotine products, Haypp Group have in 2021 also initiated a broader Service Provider Code of Conduct to be aimed as ensuring also other suppliers of value are acting in line with Haypp Groups values.

This Service Provider Code of Conduct will be implemented through 2022 and aimed at those service providers where Haypp Group have the largest monetary values, hence those we purchase the most from. Potentially the Service Provider Code of Conduct will in later stage be placed under the existing Supplier Code of Conduct.