03. Global Oral Nicotine Symposium

Exchanging insights for global health.


By sharing and discussing insights, we can develop our understanding of oral nicotine. Increasing the prospects of evidence-based actions in reducing tobacco-related illnesses and deaths globally. A single institution, authority, organisation or public health board can’t do it all. By exchanging knowledge, such as consumer behaviour, transaction data, and research, we’re able to find new insights. These views should be discussed openly and in a transparent way.  This will open up the possibility of contributing to a joint goal of reducing the damages of smoking on a national and global level. To enable this exchange Haypp takes the initiative for the first Global Oral Nicotine Symposium.


Tobacco-related illnesses and death are one of the most prominent non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which can be prevented by reducing smoking – with the goal to eventually eliminate smoking completely. Views on how to reach this goal differ on a national level, and opinions go in different ways regarding which actions are most efficient or should be prioritised.

Information relating to oral nicotine products, how they differ, and their role in reducing the harm of tobacco, is not as widely known among all relevant groups or outside of a few countries.

This is why a forum for discussion is needed – where insights and best practices can be shared. The target audience includes lawmakers, scientists and researchers, health practitioners, industry, media, NGOs and public health advocates.