Milestones & achievements

Milestones, initiatives and actions related to Sustainability.

Our milestones


  • Our higher purpose was established – to inspire healthier enjoyment.
  • Sharpening our portfolio. Due to the higher purpose, all smoking products like cigars, cigarillos, pipe tobacco etc. were de-listed. And implemented fully by 31st December 2017.


  • We needed more information in order to obtain growth and reach our higher purpose. So we invested heavily in our Insights platforms, where we met our consumers to grow our market and develop our products. Launched in 2019, then ramped up each coming year.
  • Further product and nicotine regulations, marketing rules, and information during 2019.
  • Change of storage and warehouse in November 2019. From 3PL to our own organisation, to control operations and packaging. Invested in new packaging machine to decrease the package size and filling.


  • Mandatory signing of Supplier Code for business partners – delivering oral nicotine products, January 1st, 2021 for all markets.
  • Established a structure for sustainability within Haypp Group. Making it part of the core of our sustainable business model.
  • Heavily invested into new Insights platforms of Haypp Labs, version 3.0. In order to share insights and data with a bigger group of stakeholders, incl. authorities, media and the general public.
  • Becoming the world’s largest research provider within the nicotine pouch category.
  • Opened our own warehouse with our own organisation in Norway, moving away from 3PL solutions in November-December 2021. Invested in a new packaging machine to decrease the package size and filling.


  • We participated in more externally organised seminars and media events than ever before to discuss our sustainability efforts, our sustainable business model, harm reduction, and public health. This is to disseminate knowledge, inform decisionmakers about the benefits of harm reduction, and inspire other e-commerce actors.
  • Upgraded to a new business system and a new integration platform in order to more easily scale up and expand to additional markets.
  • We started actively monitoring employee health on a regular basis, and a more clearly defined evaluation of performance and employee behavior, aligned with our values, has been implemented as the basis for salary setting in the company.
  • Implemented an optimised age verification feature in Germany that will also be utilised for multiple platforms and markets in the future. The feature enhances compliance with age verification in sales and reduces our carbon emissions per order by minimising returns.
  • The process of migrating all various sales sites to the same technical platform has been initiated. This will strengthen efficiency, agility, and the ability to scale up the company once completed.
  • Introduced a new safer nicotine product in the form of vapes, first launched in the United Kingdom, followed by Sweden and Germany.
  • Expanded our warehouse in Sweden and built an entirely new automated storage system to handle, more efficiently, and in a much more convenient way, both in terms of packing times, accuracy, and from a sustainability perspective.
  • We opened our new warehouse In the UK and our new 3PL warehouse in Germany for vape products, increasing convenience for customers and enabling further opportunities within both product ranges and markets.
  • Initiated the transition process and began establishing our own professional organisation to comply with the new EU laws for sustainability reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  • Reinforced our internal compliance system within the company to further strengthen the work on business ethics and compliance.


  • To have an international impact, we decided to enter other spaces. Firstly Norway, followed by Switzerland, the US and several European countries.
  • Product and marketing policies were developed and implemented in November 2018.
  • Along with payment partner, Klarna, we developed a 100% age verification system. This ensured only individuals over the age of 18 years of age were able to purchase nicotine products.


  • Our new ambition and strategies developed and evolved. Including the adjustment of both the operation and organisation –  like our employment of senior resources in sustainability and communication.
  • Stakeholder dialogues performed with employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Joined the newly-formed organisation “Hållbar E-handel” (‘Sustainable E-commerce’) as an active member.
  • Launched the Supplier Code in Q2 2020.
  • Employed individuals working.
  • In Q3 2020, we initiated the first overall category and product testing for quality assurance, standard development, and market control for nicotine pouches.
  • External certification program during Q3-Q4 2020. This was for individuals working with sustainability for e-commerce. Diploma received in January 2021.
  • We developed the company’s Code of Conduct – applying to all employees.
  • Ramped up investments in Insights, version 2.0, to meet the needs and requirements of business partners.


  • New warehouse in Texas, US, to enhance distribution capabilities and reduce long distant shipping across the southern US. Now having one own warehouse and two 3PL to be able to optimise delivery to consumers.
  • Moved operations for the UK market to a 3PL warehouse in the market, which also gave capacity for the domestic market in Sweden.
  • We participated in several seminars on our sustainable business model, harm reduction, and public health to inspire other e-commerce actors and inform key decision-makers about the benefits of harm reduction in the tobacco and nicotine field.
  • At the end of 2022, we became a member and participates in the technical committee of the Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS, on tobacco and nicotine-related topics.
  • We became certified as a Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner 2022. The recognition is presented to companies with a high level of transparency to its investors when it comes to Environmental, Social and Governance issues (ESG).