Actions & initiatives

Actions to strive towards the overall objective and the higher purpose of Haypp Group.


To be able to reach our goals, and measured indicator within our work, several initiatives are put in place – as well as actions implemented continuously. These actions are concrete and strive towards the overall objective and higher purpose of Haypp Group.

Certain actions are part of daily operations and relate directly to how well our operations are delivering and increasing the number of consumers choosing to purchase their oral nicotine from Haypp Group. For each customer there is a positive net health effect for society on top of the increased quality of life for the individual.

Particular initiatives, for the category as such, are to develop it and ensure qualitative products that meet the needs and requirements of nicotine consumers today and tomorrow. Development of standards for oral nicotine products, their ingredients, market restrictions and controls, including a supplier code, is another initiative.

Other actions include establishing of guidelines for our own business to keep the high level of business ethics as we, as a market leader, grow.

All our actions and initiatives relate to at least one of our strategic focus areas that are part of our sustainable business model:

  • Health Contribution
  • Insights for All
  • Sustainable Innovation for Growth
  • Best Place to Work
  • Business Ethics