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We always represent our customers in public conversations. Our aim is to provide stellar service and information about our products and their impact on health, our environment and society at large.


To save millions of lives every year, we aim to be a worldwide source of essential health-related information and insights. We are committed to reducing risk while developing an understanding of how tobacco-related death can be avoided. Spreading the word is the way to support global efforts for increased health awareness, as well as growing our business together with others.

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Insights for all

These insights give Haypp Group the opportunity to contribute to both market development and product innovation, as well as consumer research and regulations – so we can improve business and the category together.  By collecting and analysing data, Haypp Group has become the leading research and insight provider within the oral nicotine category.

These insights are shared with business partners and the wider external environment, including authorities and researchers, to provide factual and evidence-based information for commercial and public health-related decision-making.


Insights and indicators we track include:

A force for knowledge

We build insights and provide researchers with quantitative data while we see a need for forums to share and discuss alternative nicotine products and especially the oral nicotine category – its developments, challenges, and opportunities. Haypp Groups supported 2021 the launch of an oral nicotine symposium, “Post Tobacco”. The forum, which focuses on the meeting and knowledge sharing between regulators, trade, academics, NGOs, and public health activists, continued in 2022.

During 2023, we reduced participation in forums whose initiatives we were involved in supporting. Instead, we participated in more externally organised seminars and media events than ever before to discuss our sustainability efforts, our sustainable business model, harm reduction, and public health. 

The data we have is shared with external stakeholders, including suppliers and industry participants, but also researchers and other external parties.


We always represent our customers in public conversations. Our aim is to provide stellar service and information about our products and their impact on health, our environment and society at large.

Enlightening people for public awareness & understanding

Insights from our consumers’ data, and research from others, need to be shared widely. Within the general public, the consumers using harmful tobacco products are especially important to reach. When understanding the relative risks of nicotine products, consumers can make their own decision and choose a healthier enjoyment and hopefully inspire others. We highlight others’ initiatives as well as take our own actions through different editorial and corporate channels, focused on current tobacco users to encourage them to quit.

Furthermore, Haypp Group also drives different industry initiatives where one of the strategic ones is the laboratory testing of all nicotine-containing non-tobacco pouches, called nicotine pouches or all-whites. Even though we are an e-commerce retailer, not a manufacturer or product owner, we allocate resources for the greater of the category, making the results public and ensuring availability for not only the industry but also authorities, decision-makers, and consumers.


GOALS METRICS 2021 2022 2023
A force for knowledge # participants in discussions through forums 17 830 16 126 550
# of external using our data 20 36 25
Enlightening people for public awareness & understanding Resources allocated for initiatives to increase knowledge +2 700 000 SEK Accumulated since 2020: +3 000 000 SEK +1 650 000 SEK Accumulated since 2020: +4 550 000 SEK +6 467 687 SEK Accumulated since 2020: +11 117687
# of visits to editorial material, facts and reports 1 225 375 2 251 167 5 010 054