Insights for all

We always represent our customers in public conversations. Our aim is to provide stellar service and information about our products and their impact on health, our environment and society at large.


To potentially save millions of lives every year, we aim to be a worldwide source of essential health-related information and insights. We’re committed to reducing risk while developing an understanding of how tobacco-related death can be avoided. We believe spreading the word is the way to support the global efforts for increased health awareness, as well as growing our business together with others.

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Eva Chrona, Managing Director, Climber

Insights for all

Through investment in data analysis, Haypp Group has become the leading research and insight provider within the oral nicotine category. These insights are shared with business partners and externally – so we can improve business and the category together.

As an e-commerce business, we handle large quantities of consumer data, through which we gain new insights. These insights give Haypp Group the opportunity to contribute to both market development and product innovation,  as well as consumer research and regulations. Within public health and related policy enhancements, we always use factual, evidence-based information as a basis for decision-making.


Insights and indicators we track include:

Recognsed as a driving force for health and sharing of insights

As Haypp builds insights and provides researchers with quantitative data, we see a need for a forum used to share and discuss the oral nicotine category – its developments, challenges and opportunities. In line with our goal of being the information collecting and unifying voice for consumers, we’ve launched the Global Oral Nicotine Symposium. This is where regulators, authorities, trade, research and academics media, NGO, public health activists and all consumers of oral nicotine can come together to access information.

Educated customers make conscious decisions

Insights from our consumers’ data, and research from others, need to be shared widely and specifically reach consumers using harmful tobacco – as well as the public. When understanding the relative risks of nicotine products, consumers can make their own decisions for healthier enjoyment and inspire others. We highlight other’s initiatives, as well as taking our own actions, focused on current tobacco-users to encourage them to quit. We do this, for example, by highlighting WHO initiatives, such as World No Tobacco Day, which is focused on decreasing smoking rates and for consumers to pledge and ‘Commit to Quit’.