Stakeholder dialogue

Our stakeholders are us.


Without our stakeholders, Haypp Group as a company will not prosper – it’s only together that we can achieve great things. That’s why we have a stakeholder dialogue system in place. To validate our sustainability strategy and material analysis, our aim is to have systemic interaction with each stakeholder group every three years. Extended stakeholders are key to understanding the expectations of the group’s sustainability approach.

Our stakeholders are our customers, business partners and suppliers, the associations we are members of and public authorities as well as our management team and our employees. Stakeholder dialogues have been carried out with these categories to set priorities and to cooperate on sustainability issues. The dialogues are carried out in a structured and systematic way to reflect on progress and new topics that are relevant for our stakeholders and as a consequence are relevant for us.

Customer priorities

Customer priorities solutions

What’s important? Description What we do at Haypp
Keeping our promise Responsibility wise, the most important issue for our customers is that we keep our promises in price, quality and service. Creating a good customer experience is paramount. So, to pick up on what our customers want, we always keep our ear to the ground. This informs how we can develop the entire customer experience – from first contact and use, to when it’s time to buy something new from us again.
Climate The climate issue is on everyone’s lips. And all companies must take their responsibility – us included. We’re constantly looking for more sustainable products to sell. We encourage testing of more sustainable materials, eg. corn plastic in our packaging. We’re trying to get rid of black plastic that’s difficult to recycle. We use as much recycled material as we can in the packaging process. And we try to work with the best fossil-free transport. Quite simply – we do what we can as an e-commerce company that wants to be at the forefront of the sustainability movement.
Transport Transport is a contributing factor to our climate problems. In our logistics, we’re always looking for new ways to minimise our impact on the climate. We believe we have the best partners available, and we work together with suppliers and customers to improve even more. One way we do this is by not asking our customers to send back incorrect deliveries.
Packaging Packaging, and how we do it, can always be better. We think that we’ve come a long way in this regard. We maximise orders and try to convince customers to buy in a way that the “air” in the transport is minimised. And, of course, we use as much recycled and renewable material as possible. We also encourage suppliers to produce cans of recycled and/or bio-gradable material.
Production Expectation of influence over manufacturing. Haypp doesn’t have its own production, but we do what we can to support product development with our suppliers. Through dialogue, collaboration and our own tests, we always try to find the most sustainable suppliers and production methods.
Addiction The issue of addiction to nicotine is a global one. Even though very few of our customers raise the issue, it does come up. And it’s crucial that we handle it respectfully. In our development dialogues, both internally and externally, the issue of nicotine-related addiction is always present. And for our credibility in the market, it’s extremely important that we handle it in the right way. We work with experts to figure out how we can minimise risks and maximise the conversion from unhealthy “smoke-based nicotine” to oral nicotine-use. Both conversion and risk reduction have the potential to save millions of lives around the world every year.

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