Higher purpose & vision

Inspiring healthier enjoyment.

An enlightened people choosing safer nicotine.

Higher purpose

Inspire healthier enjoyment for millions

Our aim is to promote healthier enjoyment of nicotine in order to save lives. And because we’re a leading force delivering a great customer experience, we’re the consumers first choice. We understand our customers needs and desires – then shape our business with them in mind.

Haypp Group’s business concept addresses one of the world’s biggest problems – how to end smoking. Our goal is to significantly reduce death rates and save lives.

Vision & values

We put the consumer first. We engage with them every day to understand their needs and desires, and we know them like no other actor in the industry. Our vision to “Inspire healthier enjoyment for millions” will help consumers change harmful habits, whilst simultaneously increasing our global presence.

Society is demanding a change in the tobacco and nicotine industry. We believe that “Inspiring healthier enjoyment for millions” is pivotal to drive the global change. As a result of our success in Scandinavia, and our recent achievements when entering new markets, we’re in a unique position to help drive that change in society.