The fourth best e-commerce investment

2023-05-09 15:00

Breakit, a Swedish news site about tech companies and startups, ranks Haypp Group as Sweden's fourth best e-commerce investment in a new ranking by the news site's stock market reporter Martin Hävner.

In a comment, Hävner believes there aren't many investment opportunities for investors who want to take advantage of the market progress of nicotine pouches following the acquisition of Swedish Match by Philip Morris International. He also points out that the nicotine market seems to be less sensitive to economic conditions and inflation:

"With the recent disappearance of the snus giant Swedish Match from the stock market, there aren't many options for investors who want to profit from the progress of the white, tobacco-free pouches. This will likely benefit Haypp, and it's probably already visible. The stock has risen by 34 per cent since the beginning of the year. Almost completely insensitive to economic conditions, inflation, and all that. And that's something people appreciate in times like these."

Haypp Group takes fourth place on the list, after Lyko (1st), Söder Sportfiske (2nd), and Rugvista (3rd).

Access the article (in Swedish) here.

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