Haypp Group’s portfolio expansion into Vape in the UK receives a warm welcome

2023-06-02 12:00

Haypp Group, operating through its sales platforms Haypp and Northerner in the UK, has since the turn of the year expanded its product portfolio to include vapes, alongside nicotine pouches, for consumers in the UK. This positions Haypp Group as the first e-commerce player to offer nicotine pouches and vapes in the UK.

Haypp Group’s product portfolio expansion has received a positive response from customers and the media.

“The core of our mission is to facilitate the transition from smoking to safer nicotine alternatives”, says Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs. “We take great pleasure in providing these products to our UK customers and look forward to continuing to inspire healthier enjoyment.” 

The initiative to expand the product portfolio reflects a global trend where an increasing number of people reject cigarettes in favour of less harmful nicotine alternatives. Customers want safer nicotine that suits every occasion, and this involves offering reduced-risk nicotine alternatives that can be used and satisfy customers at all times of the day.

“Adding vapes to our product portfolio represents an exciting development for us. We broke new ground, as a market leader should always strive to do, by being the first e-commerce actor to sell both nicotine pouches and vape products.”, adds Markus Lindblad.

Here are some examples of news articles where Haypp Group or its brands are mentioned in UK media:
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