Tobacco-free nicotine products recognized for their potential positive impact on public health

2021-11-19 14:50

Belgium’s premier newspaper, The Brussels Times, presents key messages after covering a two-day global Symposium on oral nicotine that took place in Stockholm.

The Post Tobacco seminar brought together a variety of scientists, regulators, and representatives from the business community, and provided insights on the future of oral nicotine. The panels and discussions that followed illustrated the potential of tobacco-free nicotine products as a public health game changer. Among the key messages was the importance of making more and safer tobacco alternatives available to tackle one of the biggest health challenges currently facing society.

The event was live streamed by The Brussels Times with the support of EPHI who organized the event. Among the long list of prominent speakers were Haypp Group CEO Gavin O’Dowd, on sustainable investment, and Chief of Insights and Analytics Gabriel de Prado, which touched upon consumer data and products.

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