The nicotine segment is growing in a declining E-commerce environment – Svensk E-handel report

2022-09-26 08:15

Svensk Handel’s latest report describes a bleak first eight months of 2022, again featuring decreasing sales numbers for most categories within Swedish domestic online shopping. As one of only two growing categories this year, the nicotine industry continued the same path as in Svensk Handel’s previous report and experienced the strongest sales growth during the period.

The online nicotine segment is one of the few categories that managed to grow this year compared to the same period last year. As explained by Svensk Handel, the reason why many categories continue to struggle during 2022 is partly due to reduced purchasing power seen during the previous six months, which has made consumers more restrictive, thereby negatively affecting average order values, and partly due to a continued return to brick and mortar after the pandemic.

“Online nicotine is a safe segment in the otherwise stormy e-commerce industry. As described in Svensk Handel’s report, the increased prices have affected many categories negatively, particularly durable goods. Haypp Group’s category, however, continues to grow as many consumers move away from cigarettes to, for example, cheaper and less harmful nicotine pouches”, says Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs at Haypp Group.

According to Svensk Handel, from January to August 2022, tobacco products grew at a rate of 17 per cent against last year, a significant increase from the 8 per cent growth reported in the June-July survey. The only other category that experienced growth against 2021 was children’s items and toys, at 4 per cent in both reports. Meanwhile, the August report showed that Swedish domestic e-commerce as a whole shrunk by 13 per cent, a minor improvement from the January to July period, during which it shrunk by 14 per cent compared to the corresponding period in 2021.

Svensk Handel is a Swedish trade- and employer organisation which engages in trading issues for wholesale, retail and e-commerce. Every month Svensk Handel conducts an interview-based study to report how Swedish e-commerce has developed during the period.

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