The nicotine segment continues growing while Swedish e-commerce declines

2024-01-09 08:00

The Swedish Retail Federation’s (Svensk Handel) E-commerce Indicator report for November 2023 shows a decline in e-commerce turnover. However, nicotine and tobacco products showed a growth in turnover compared to the same period last year.

According to the report, e-commerce turnover, measured in terms of Swedish consumers’ e-commerce from only Swedish operators, decreased by 15 per cent compared with the same month last year.

“This year has been challenging for the e-commerce industry, and November was no exception. For e-commerce companies to succeed in the long term in this competitive environment, it is required that they either establish a dominant position in the Swedish market or are extremely successful within their specific segments even internationally”, says Per Ljungberg, Chief Innovation Officer at Svensk Handel.

Nicotine and tobacco products have grown by 22 per cent from January to November in 2023, compared to the same period in 2022. This contrasts with the rest of e-commerce, which has seen a 7 per cent decline between January and November 2023, with many product categories facing setbacks.

In the third quarter of 2023, the turnover in the category of nicotine and tobacco products increased by 23 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

“The increase has been sustained throughout the full year, emphasizing the countercyclical nature of our category. The Swedish Retail Federation’s E-commerce Indicator contributes to increased transparency for the full e-commerce sector”, says Markus Lindblad, Head of Legal & External Affairs at Haypp Group.

Access the full report (in Swedish) here.

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