Sweden adjusts tobacco taxes in light of harm reduction

2023-09-06 12:00

The Swedish government, in collaboration with the Sweden Democrats, has announced an impending tax reduction of 20 per cent on Swedish snus. This shows the government’s clear support for harm reduction.

The tobacco tax on snus is set to decrease by 20 per cent, as reported by Swedish media. At the same time, taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products are said to increase by nine per cent.

These changes are reportedly due to the health risks associated with smoking being significantly more pronounced than with snus.

“The Swedish government demonstrates its support for harm reduction. With this proposal, Sweden sends a message to Europe about the Scandinavian experience and the low percentage of daily smokers,” says Markus Lindblad, Head of Legal & External Affairs at Haypp Group, continuing:

“We expect Swedish representatives to take clear positions in international negotiations, during the WHO’s next session on tobacco control (COP10), the revised Tobacco Excise Directive, TED, and the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive, TPDIII, within the EU.”

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