Summary of the presentation by Haypp Group’s CFO on Haypp Group’s financial targets 2025 from Carnegie’s SME days

2022-09-12 16:00

Haypp Group’s CFO, Svante Andersson, presented Haypp Group’s future strategy and development at a seminar at Carnegie last week.

Svante Andersson repeated Haypp Group’s ambition to organically reach at least SEK 5 billion in sales by 2025 while possibly also adding acquisitions. He also pointed out that nicotine pouches had grown by 55 per cent annually and accounted for about 41 per cent of our sales in the second quarter. Haypp Group targets a high single-digit EBIT margin in the medium term.

Haypp Group’s sales in Norway rose sharply during the Covid pandemic, partly due to closed borders. Andersson pointed out that the reopening of the border has reduced sales in Norway, and that growth decelerated from 100 per cent to 15-16 per cent in Q2. Excluding Norway, Haypp Group’s sales would have grown by about 32 per cent year-on-year in the second quarter, Andersson pointed out.

As for new markets, Andersson said that Haypp Group has previously communicated plans to enter new markets. Haypp Group is currently present in seven markets: Sweden, Norway, the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK. The Benelux was highlighted as a particularly interesting region to enter.

Watch the full presentation at Carnegie here.

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Haypp in brief

The Haypp Group is spearheading the global transformation from smoking to risk-reduced product alternatives. With origins in Scandinavia, our extensive experience from pioneering markets in smoke-free alternatives, as well as being a leader in the e-commerce sector, is now bringing our vision to a global scale. With ten e-commerce store brands, the Haypp Group is present in seven countries where we served more than 680,000 active consumers during 2021.

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