Launch of NicoLeaks to ensure quality control for nicotine products

2021-10-05 10:45

Haypp Group launches the platform, an information service for oral tobacco-free nicotine products, with the objective to increase transparency in the business. Today, there are no regulations on ingredients or marketing of tobacco-free nicotine products in Sweden. This initiative is a way to take responsibility to ensure that consumers know what they place under their lip. is a platform on which publishes completed laboratory analyses of nicotine pouches, according to market standard, which are sold to consumers.

Sweden does not have any laws or regulation governing the ingredients of nicotine pouches. To ensure that consumers can clearly see the content of the products, Haypp Group is conducting a comprehensive and independent laboratory testing of all products from its suppliers. Test results will be publicly available and the products that are not up to the standard will not be available for purchase.

– We want to increase transparency within the industry and considers it as obvious that consumers should know that they place under their lip. This is even more important today as there is no laws or regulations relating to nicotine pouches. If the authorities cannot regulate this type of product, then we retailers must take on an extra responsibility for this, says Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs, Haypp Group.

Several products deviate from industry standards

Besides the listed ingredients and any foreign substances, focus is if the tested product complies with the pH value and nicotine yield. The nicotine yield is indicated per pouch, which is more relevant measurement than the otherwise used nicotine yield of per gram. So far, three products have been listed as red as the maximum nicotine yield of 20 mg per pouch was exceeded. A number of products has received a comment for being close to the limit.

As long as the comments received as a result of the laboratory analysis are not substantive, the producer will be given the opportunity to adjust the deficiencies indicated and the product is re-tested after a few months. If substantive deficiencies have not been corrected, the products are removed from Haypp Group’s product portfolio.

Haypp Group’s objective with the testing is to create a new industry standard and marking that will help consumers make conscious and well-informed decisions. Decision makers and authorities, in Sweden and abroad, will also gain insight and knowledge about nicotine products as well as a market overview of available products. The testing is also of value for the producers.

– For the producers, the testing acts as a quality label. If deficiencies are caught, it is possible for us to have a dialogue and work with the producer to develop the products. This is particularly valuable for new products and smaller producers, says Markus Lindblad.


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Phone: +46 708-15 39 83
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