Haypp Group’s statement on Swedish Match’s decision to spin-off the cigar business

2021-09-15 15:00

“Haypp Group is dedicated to helping smokers around the world quit smoking once and for all and transition to less harmful products. We applaud Swedish Match plan to spin-off their cigar business and to completely exit the manufacturing of combustible tobacco products, and encourage other companies to follow their lead,” said Gavin O’Dowd CEO Haypp Group.

“The sooner that smoking are phased out, the better. We urge policymakers to commit to banning smoking over the next decade and ensure that smokers have the resources they need to transition to safer products. This means taking into consideration the critical role that smokeless products can play in helping smokers leave cigarettes behind for good, and coupling cigarette bans with policies that will incentivize smokers to switch to less harmful options.”

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