Haypp Group’s CCO at D-Congress: Sharing insights is an integral part of Haypp Group’s business

2024-03-08 10:00

Gabriel De Prado, Haypp Group’s Chief Commercial Officer, participated as a keynote speaker at the Swedish D-Congress at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg. D-Congress is the largest Swedish annual congress on the future of e-commerce. The theme for this year’s congress was Innovation for Impact.

Gabriel De Prado shared experiences at the congress on how the entire trade sector will be able to take the lead in the business transformation towards a more circular economy. Sharing insights and experiences with the industry’s top experts and retailers at the forefront is an integral part of Haypp Group’s business — “Insights for All.” The key question now is how digitalization can accelerate both Haypp Group’s and the entire trade sector’s sustainability efforts.

Gabriel explained how Haypp Group builds insights and provides quantitative data to its surroundings while recognizing the need for forums to share and discuss future alternatives – their development, challenges, and opportunities. The conclusions are shared with external stakeholders, including suppliers and industry participants, as well as researchers and other external parties. This flow forms the foundation of Haypp Group’s operations.

Gabriel also highlighted that thanks to Haypp Group’s insights, we can base our business decisions on our customers’ future needs. Haypp Group’s goal is to offer outstanding service and information about our products and their impact on health, our environment, and society at large. Insights from our customers with all their data points and research from others need to be shared widely, among the general public, consumers, and producers.

By understanding future needs, consumers can make their own decisions, choose healthier enjoyment, and hopefully inspire others to make more sustainable choices.

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