Haypp Group welcomes the European parliament’s decision to adopt BECA’s recommendations on tobacco harm reduction

2022-02-17 08:30

The European Parliament yesterday voted to adopt the Special Committee on Beating Cancer’s (BECA) strategy report, which includes recommendations on tobacco harm reduction. The decision brings the EU one step closer to putting regulation in place that allows smokers appealing alternatives to smoking.

Press release 17 February 2022

“Haypp Group welcomes the Europeans Parliament’s decision and adoption of the BECA report that encourages the switch from more harmful products such as cigarettes to less harmful products such as nicotine pouches. This is a step in the right direction that will bring strong benefits to public health within the Union. The outcome of the vote also revalidates our strategy to focus wholeheartedly on growing the nicotine pouch segment. Haypp Group has been working towards and will continue to be part of the transition towards a healthier enjoyment,” says Gavin O’Dowd, CEO for Haypp Group.

Many of Haypp Group’s markets located within the EU presently suffer from regulatory environments in which local frameworks remain unclear on the topic of tobacco free nicotine alternatives. Moreover, different governments have interpreted prevailing EU directives differently. The adoption of the report clarifies the EU’s view on the matter and facilitates a unitary interpretation among member countries, possibly paving way for a regulatory harmonisation within the union, and less smoking-related illness.

The potential implications of the European Parliament’s decision are many. Should the ratification of the strategy lead to changes to the prevailing Tobacco Products Directive No. 2014/40/EU, the positive effects could be far-reaching. Legislative changes to encourage consumers to switch from cigarettes to safer and healthier alternatives would have a significant impact on public health and would lead to lower rates of tobacco related diseases and deaths within the European Union.

The effects of the decision could even reach beyond EU member countries, potentially globally as the World Health Organization (WHO) tends to be observant towards EU health legislation development. Hence why the adoption could come to have a great positive impact on global health.

On 9 December 2021, BECA adopted a report calling for stronger EU action against cancer. In the report, BECA introduced for the first time a tobacco harm reduction perspective on EU level. Following the adoption by BECA of the report, the report was subject to a Parliament’s plenary voting which took place yesterday, in which the report was ratified. The new recommendations to the commission include funding programmes that promote smoking cessation, and strong support for the goal of a tobacco free generation. BECA also notes that electronic cigarettes could allow some smokers to progressively quit smoking and calls on the Commission to pursue scientific evaluations of health risks for comparing electronic cigarettes and various tobacco products.

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