Haypp Group launches VapeGlobe.de and establishes warehouse in Germany

2024-01-12 08:00

As part of the strategy to capture emerging opportunities Haypp Group has made the decision to further strengthen its position in the vape segment by the launch of VapeGlobe.de. During 2023 Haypp Group expanded its product portfolio for Haypp.com/uk and Northerner.com/uk to include vapes for consumers in the UK. Sales have developed in a satisfactory way, gaining close to five times the accumulated volume of nicotine pouches after the launch. To facilitate this venture, Haypp Group now have established new warehouses in Germany and leveraging the already existing UK warehouse for seamless delivery of vape products to customers in Germany and UK.

The initiative to further expand the product portfolio, besides nicotine pouches and snus, reflects a global trend where an increasing number of people reject cigarettes in favour of less harmful nicotine alternatives. As a consequence, the market for Risk Reduced Products (RRP) is experiencing strong traction and is expected to account for the majority of the nicotine consumption in Haypp Group’s current markets by 2027. Outside the Nordic region, the vape segment accounts for the majority of the RRP market and hence presents an attractive opportunity which Haypp Group is well positioned to capture since existing infrastructure and knowledge can be leveraged.

“Our proven ability to combine an international mindset with local commitment to our customers will be a key to success. The launch of the vape segment in UK is a testimony of that. We will now continue the expansion of the vape segment into more geographical markets including the German market. By gaining deep knowledge of local legislations, as well as engaging with our customers to understand their needs and desires, we will continue to strive towards our vision to inspire healthier enjoyment for millions”, says Haypp Group’s CEO Gavin O’Dowd.

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