Haypp Group in Almedalen: Sustainability must be a part of the whole deal

2022-07-06 10:00

On the 5th of July, Haypp Group participated in a seminar during Almedalen Week on how Swedish e-commerce businesses can work together to find solutions to make the industry more sustainable. The Almedalen Week is the world's largest democratic meeting place for societal issues.

Today, much air is transported as part of retail deliveries. With the help of Haypp Group and other significant players in the e-commerce industry, the organisation Sustainable E-Commerce (Swedish: Hållbar E-handel) has developed a guideline on reducing air in the transport system.

Shipping less air is one concrete way to make e-commerce more sustainable, but there are many others. Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs at Haypp Group, highlighted the need for the e-commerce sector to broaden its view of sustainability and incorporate it into all business actions.

"Sustainability must be part of the whole deal, meaning that fundamentally a sustainable business model is needed. Sustainability work isn't just about packaging and deliveries because that's a limited part of what e-commerce does and the entire life cycle of goods and services. Converting smokers to less harmful nicotine products is one part of our sustainability work that goes beyond transportation issues", said Markus Lindblad in the panel.

Read more about the guideline from Hållbar E-handel on reducing air here.

Read more about Haypp Groups sustainable business model here.

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