Haypp Group comments on E-commerce’s key election issues

2022-09-08 11:30

In the run-up to the Swedish parliamentary elections, Haypp Group has been asked by Sweden's leading e-commerce trade magazine, Ehandel.se, to comment on the fate of e-commerce in the coming parliamentary term.

"Sweden has over a million users of snus and nicotine pouches, and we are always on their side. It is partly a question of people being able to choose to use an enjoyable product and partly a question of public health. We have produced an election manifesto with 16 proposals for a Sweden and a world with lower tobacco-related mortality, a long-term tax policy, and a sustainable market", says Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs at Haypp Group.

Regarding what the future government should focus on to contribute to a better e-commerce sector in Sweden, Haypp Group stresses that there must be competitive neutrality between physical and online trade.

"For us, it goes without saying that a government that cares about e-commerce must do everything in its power to ensure that there is competitive neutrality between physical trade and online trade. Today, this is not the case. We would be delighted if the future government removed that kind of regulation. But we would be content with no regulations being added that distort competition. That's a low bar", says Lindblad.

Read the full interview (in Swedish) here.

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