Growing interest and coverage around Haypp Group’s financial commitments and targets

2024-02-05 16:00

Banks such as SEB, Carnegie, and Barclays have covered the Group’s financial performance in recent years. Lately, independent analysts have also shown increased interest in Haypp Group’s stock and the company as a whole.

Recently, an increasing number of independent analysts have started to take an interest in the Group’s financial commitments. Previously, financial blogs and podcasts like the Swedish “Nånting om Aktier” and “Billie Billion” have analyzed and discussed Haypp Group as an investment, as well as the American podcast “Chit Chat Stocks.”

Haypp Group has always welcomed transparency by having the Group’s financial commitments analysed by a variety of external parties.

You can find the podcasts and blog in full below.

Chit Chat Stocks
Nånting Om Aktier
Billie Billion

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