Annual quality control of nicotine pouches indicates high compliance

2023-01-26 13:00

Haypp Group recently conducted its annual product quality review. The spot check of tobacco-free nicotine products indicates a high level of compliance with applicable market standards among manufacturers.

The product tests were conducted in early January, by the independent laboratory Eurofins. The products’ level of ingredients and elements was measured against a Haypp Group initiated market standard for oral tobacco-free nicotine products.

Overall, the annual sample test revealed few deficiencies. The results have been published through the information service – a Haypp Group sustainability initiative, created to increase transparency in the industry.

“In general, the industry-standard compliance of our product portfolio is great and steadily increasing as more products are enrolled in our testing procedure. For the producers, the testing act as a quality label. If deficiencies are caught, we initiate a dialogue and work with the producer to further develop the products”, says Markus Lindblad, Head of External Affairs.

Seeing that most countries currently lack regulation concerning ingredients of tobacco-free nicotine products, the NicoLeaks initiative aims to ensure proper product information for consumers. Since 2020 Haypp Group has tested nearly 500 oral tobacco-free nicotine products. All test results can be downloaded free of charge by the public.

To be considered for the company’s product portfolio, producers agree to submit products for laboratory testing. On condition that potential remarks from the laboratory analysis are not substantive, the producer will be allowed to adjust the deficiencies indicated and the product is re-tested after a few months. If deficiencies are not corrected, the products will be removed from Haypp Group’s product portfolio.


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