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Growth in Norway driven by customer satisfaction

Growth in Norway driven by customer satisfaction

E-commerce industry magazine Ehandel pays attention to Haypp Group’s growth in Norway. Snusbolaget.se increased its turnover by 40 percent and landed at 740 million Swedish kronor in Sweden, while Norwegian Snuslageret.no delivered even better. In Norway, sales increased by as […]

NSG:s lobbying are not improving public health

Markus Lindblad in Dagens Opinion February 2021

Markus Lindblad, Head of Communications at Haypp Group, urges Helena Stjerna, Secretary General of the organization Non-Smoking Generation, not to focus “on taste regulations and marketing bans”. In a debate article in Dagens Opinion, Markus Lindblad responds to Helena Stjerna’s […]

Safe terms for snus and nicotine portions

Health perspective in regulations

Introduce a separate regulation for nicotine portions regarding production, content, control and, for example, tax, based on the risk of injury from a health perspective. This is the call from Markus Lindblad, Head of Communications at Haypp Group, in a […]

The revolution of sustainable cans

Snuskung och Haypp i DI

Article in Dagens Industri about Haypp’s cooperation with manufacturers of sustainable cans. The article highlights STNP:s new cans which was recently launched on Haypp.com. Also mentioned are the conversion in production by Swedish Match and Swedsnus. Full article (in Swedish) […]

Innovation before taxation

Innovation before taxation

Markus Lindblad, head of sustainability at Haypp Group is one of the authors of a debate article in Aktuell Hållbarhet, Sweden’s leading newspaper on the environment and sustainability, regarding the future of sustainable cans. Tax as a means of pressure […]

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